What does it mean to Live Discipleship?

Our purpose at Creekside is to Live Discipleship. Discipleship isn’t just something we learn or something we talk about. It is a way of life. Everything we do is shaped by this understanding. A life of Discipleship is a journey we are on as we follow Jesus. We like to explain how Jesus works in us with the words Deeper, Transform, and Overflow.


We believe that the Holy Spirit is always calling us deeper into him. There is always another step in the journey as we follow after him.


Part of the beauty of coming to Jesus is that he will take you and love you regardless of your past and he will give you a beautiful future as you follow after him. The Holy Spirit who dwells inside of the disciple transforms us more and more into the likeness of Jesus as we walk with him.


The way our lives are lived and the good that we do in the world is a result of what God has been doing inside of us as we follow Jesus. We call this living in the overflow. We believe that the disciple’s response to the love they are shown by Christ is showing love to the world. Not by our strength, but by what Christ is doing through us.

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